6 Reasons why you should be using Digital Marketing for recruitment

6 Reasons why you should use a Digital Marketing strategy for recruitment.

If you are in the Recruitment and Staffing industry. We know how hard it can be to help attract the right candidates. Putting your available positions ahead of those other hundreds of available vacancies out there; can be a nightmare.

When it comes to Marketing for your Recruitment Agency, it isn’t a matter of uploading your available vacancies to your website and watching the applications come through – unfortunately. To be successful in the industry, we know that the more roles filled, the more money you make; as a result, you want to be targeting the best candidates.

As a result, this makes it a necessity to be actively promoting your business online, with a marketing strategy that does nothing other than sourcing qualified candidates and positions your Recruitment Agency as leaders in your chosen niche(s).

Here are 6 reasons why you should be using online marketing.

Candidates are hidden all over the shop

In 2018, 72.8% of recruiters said they struggle to find the best talent. Now, due to time constraints, deadlines and rising pressures – you may find that you are picking the best person at that time, rather than the dream candidate.

By taking advantage of implementing a full, Digital Marketing strategy – you are maximising your visibility and maximising the chances of finding the right person.

Candidates can be passive

Some stats shown by LinkedIn came back that 70% of the workforce globally actually came from passive talent, meaning they weren’t actively searching for job opportunities. 87% of active and passive candidates are open to new job opportunities.

This means that there is a HUGE potential of candidates out there who may not be looking at job ads – but if one lands in front of them… Could they be interested?

Strike whilst the irons hot

There are now more job vacancies available, than before COVID-19. In 2021, businesses reduced their recruitment activity across the board, due to the impact the pandemic has had – but this is now starting to raise again.

As a result, this means there is still a whole load of people actively searching for new positions. Whether they have been made redundant, or looking for a career change.

Target your niche

Based on stats from Aline Lerner, 90% of recruitment emails aren’t even personalised! Whether you are wanting to target a specific type of candidate or a target a specific sector – building an online presence based around your objectives to help reflect this is a MUST.

Work backwards, and start by creating a persona of the type of person you are looking for – to then help you create a strategy where everything is aligned back to that person.

Stand out

The candidates are only really interested in the job roles that you have to offer, so don’t keep them on the low. When creating your candidate persona, identify when those people are active online, what kind of Social Media platforms they use and who they would be interested in.

When writing content, make sure to identify the benefits that appeal to your specific target candidate, and not just anybody.

Improve your engagement

Applicants want a slick and easy recruitment process – according to Robert Half, if your hiring process is too long; 57% lose interest.

Improve engagement of your audience by creating engaging emails and content for your Social Media channels that your audience will want to engage with. This helps you build up relationships and helps expand your talent.

Bonus one...

Use SourceMore+!

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