We are a Recruitment Marketing Agency.

We partner with in-house Recruitment Teams to help amplify your Employer Brand and SourceMore+ high-quality, qualified candidates for your vacancies through Digital Marketing.

We are a bolt-on to in-house Recruitment Teams, working with you to generate more high-quality, qualified candidates by implementing bespoke Digital Marketing strategies, tailored to your vacancies, dream-candidate and business sector. 

By enhancing your Employer Brand, we make it more appealing to your target audiences. We achieve this through captivating content creation and the execution of precisely targeted campaigns. Our goal is to entice your dream candidates to learn more about your company and the opportunities it offers.

89.75% Qualified

Across the diverse range of businesses that we’ve worked with, 89.75% of the candidates we have generated have been fully-qualified for the vacancies they have applied for. 

£5,000,000+ Spent

Overall, we have spent over £5,000,000 worth of Ad Spend in the last 12 months on digital Recruitment Campaigns across our Paid Marketing platforms. 


We have won over 5 awards for our successes, when you partner with SourceMore+, you partner with award-winning Recruitment Marketeers producing you award-winning results. 

"Some stats shown by LinkedIn came back that 70% of the workforce globally actually came from passive talent, meaning they weren’t actively searching for job opportunities. 87% of active and passive candidates are open to new job opportunities."

How can we help you?

Working together to amplify your Employer Brand, targeting the right people for your positions.

We invest time in understanding your organisation, company culture, and values, along with the specific positions you need to fill and the ideal candidates you envision for those roles. This knowledge forms the foundation for our targeted approach.

Using this valuable insight, we craft a bespoke Marketing Strategy designed specifically for your requirements. We delve into the details of our target audience, our methods of reaching them, and the rationale behind our choices. We explore ways to enhance your Employer Brand and the significant impact it will have. By employing a multi-channel approach, we ensure greater visibility for your organisation.

Organic Social Media

Crafting compelling content that resonates with the specific individuals you aim to attract, captivating their interest and inspiring them to explore your brand further.

Organic social media content encompasses a wide range of posts, ranging from sharing daily insights into your company’s activities and values to highlighting job opportunities within your organization.

Our approach involves seamlessly integrating organic social media strategies with paid digital campaigns, ensuring a consistent message across all channels.

Paid Social Media

Once we’ve gained a thorough understanding of your brand and the ideal candidate you’re seeking, we delve into the question of where to find these individuals.

Our strategy revolves around leveraging Social Media platforms to specifically target people with interests closely aligned to those we’re searching for. We craft captivating campaigns designed to grab their attention and entice them to explore further.

Through our Paid Social services, we handle every aspect of your campaign, from crafting engaging ad copy and creative content to comprehensive management, optimization, and regular reporting throughout the recruitment process.

Paid Search Marketing

We harness the power of Paid Search (PPC/Pay Per Click) platforms to precisely target individuals actively seeking search terms related to your industry.

Imagine you’re a business looking for a PPC Executive; our aim is to reach out to individuals searching for terms like ‘PPC jobs’ or ‘Jobs In PPC.’ When someone matching your criteria performs a similar search, it triggers the display of an ad.

The ad is designed to entice prospects to click through and discover more.

Content Creation

As one of our first steps, we spend the day in your organisation to capture all the content we need for the Recruitment Marketing campaigns.

This content varies from imagery and video content, that we will put in front of the right targeted, qualified and interested audience to get them engaged with your brand. This allows us to promote the attractiveness of your employer brand, and why that prospect should work for you. 

The type of content we generate varies from behind-the-scenes footage, day in the life of a …, interviews with existing members of the team and more. 

+ Saving time

With our services, we help you save on both time and money. We take a lot of the time out of your hands, by looking after everything from sourcing to screening. All you need to do is find your favourite candidates and put them through your process.

+ Connect & Engage

We don’t just build campaigns and create content for no reason – we want to help you connect and engage with your audience. By doing so, you attract a better quality of people – for a cheaper cost. Allowing you to build a strong relationship.

+ Dream Candidates

The process that we implement to make sure we target only people who fall within your criteria, along with our strict-screening means that we help you find only the right people that you could only dream of finding for your available vacancies.

+ Proven Processes

With over 30 years of marketing experience amongst us, 18 of those have been spent working with businesses to help them source more candidates. We implement proven processes to help you get in front of people you want to be getting in front of.

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