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"According to a survey conducted by Jobvite, a leading recruiting software company, 64% of job seekers say they use social media as part of their job search, with 37% using Facebook, 35% using LinkedIn, and 21% using Twitter. This highlights the importance of digital marketing in recruitment, as companies can leverage social media platforms to reach and engage with potential job candidates."

192 applicants

Healthcare sector

We’ve been working with a Recruitment Agency specialising in providing Nurses and other Healthcare staff into care homes.

Targeting specific audiences through Social Media platforms, we were able to generate a total of 129 applications in 30 days from just £250.75.

81.68% of all applicants were fully-qualified for the positions they applied for.

693 applicants

Sales & Marketing sector

We’ve generated 693 applications in just 3 months for this Sales & Marketing Recruitment agency. 

For this client, we implemented a full Paid Search & Social Media strategy that was tailored to their requirements, generating them nearly 700 applicants at a cost of £5.75.

483 applicants

Engineering sector

For the last 6 months, we’ve been working closely with a company in the Engineering sector across the UK helping them source more fully-qualified candidates for their vacancies.

In 6 months, we generated 483 candidates of which 93.50% of them were fully-qualified for their positions!

846 applicants

Healthcare sector

We generated 846 for a UK-based healthcare brand throughout the 2021/22 period, with 85.81% of them being fully-qualified for their positions.

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